Hey folks. Have you ever heard the term “pickups”? In the film world, it refers to an extra day of shooting, after you’ve wrapped on principal photography.

Marque and Hector just wrapped on a day of pickups last week, in which we sat down with many of the key characters, interviewing them reality TV style. Why did we do this? We showed a work-in-progress cut of our series to a group of creatives (shout out to my Filmshop community!), and based on their feedback, wrote and filmed a whole slew of extra content.

This content is designed to: clarify backstories and motivations, provide greater character depth, add in extra comedic bits, and give you another sweet sweet taste of Marque and Hector in all their glory.

The pickups are just one example of how we as a creative team value your input, and want to make this show as entertaining as possible for you. We believe in creativity as an act of service, and want to use our project to uplift others as much as possible. Did you know that we donated 5% of our funds raised to the Transgender Film Center? And we plan to continue supporting organizations in need with our show.

Stay tuned while we integrate these extra snippets of footage into our show. We’re nearly ready to start getting this project out there, and we can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, if you like, follow, comment on, and share our content, you’ll be entering our raffle and increasing your chances of earning a spot at our exclusive work-in-progress community screening! So please, spread the word, and help us help you help the community help itself. <3

What does this look like?

Firstly, we’re having sneak previews of our work-in-progress episodes, inviting some of our community members to attend and offer invaluable feedback. In fact, we already did a test screening of our season, and based on the input we received we wrote and filmed a whole extra day of pickups (which we’ll tell you all about in our next blog post!).

Coming up soon, we’ll have a private sneak peek premiere of our first couple episodes! How do you get an invite? Simple. Every time you follow, like, share, and comment on our posts, you are automatically entered into a raffle. At the end of the month we’ll randomly select a lucky few to get an advanced preview of what we’ve been working on!

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